Vaguely Apropos of Nothing (lalartu) wrote,
Vaguely Apropos of Nothing

Well, reading LJ again

I just mostly sort of caught up on a few weeks of LJ. So if I missed anything important, sorry about that.

I need a good RSS reader that can show me protected entries, the sage plugin for firefox worked relatively well for catchup purposes but I wouldn't use it on a regular basis. On that note, no RSS feed of your friends page.
(if you are interested, OPML export of friends list, import to sage, everyone shows up as a feed, if you have a valid LJ login cookie you can see the protected entries)

Google Reader rocks for regular RSS, but it isn't an answer for authenticated access.
Also on that note, I really, really like Google Reader.

Possibly in the nearish future a few posts about what has been going on.

Oh, also, Firefox 2.0 RC (current) rocks, built in inline spellcheck!
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