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Pennsic Pictures

My SCA Pennsic sub-category/folder

These images are links to individual galleries, click them to see
the gallery contents, or use the link above to see all my Pennsic galleries.

Selected Images


Your Inner Vagabond Hafla

Watan Hafla

Known World Petanque Tourney

Swill Tasting

Pyro Party

The Chalkman Pub

This started out as 2003 pictures, about 1000 made the
first cut and 600 or so the second (keep) cut. If the remainders
gallery is ignored (not represented here) ~300 made my normal
publishing cut. The wandering gallery contains pictures that
I may have otherwise not published except for the geo tagging value.

All of the galleries have geo tagged photos, the sat views are poor
switch to map view if you want a good dispersion.
Tags: pennsic, photography
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